alchemy in practice


Tool box.  Treasure chest.  Cache.  That place where you hide all your special things. 

Alchemy is the process of changing, transmuting one thing into another. The tools available in my practice are like your magicians hat of personal growth.  

Feeling stuck?  Reach in and grab some essential oils to clear your mind, energise your body and set you in motion.  Tap out the beliefs and blocks that have blind-sided you and left you sitting on the side of the road, watching your life slide by.  Reach in a little deeper and touch your soul, connect with your true desires and hatch a magnificent plan to bring them to life.  Then engage in real, practical action to move you on to claim what is rightfully yours.

Epic Alchemy was born out of a desire to share what I have learned about growth, identity, being who you really are and being freaking awesome at it.  

There are so many ways of being our best selves, that it can be hard to cut through the noise and find what fits for us.  

It is my vision to serve all women who are stuck beneath that glass ceiling, or staring out the window wondering what on earth comes next.  To bring shining light to the innate capability and wisdom, to spark connection in a way that mobilises unique strengths and equip you with the tools to take action and make change.  

Creating a practice that serves you, serves me.  It brings me home to my roots.  For as long as I can remember I have sought to understand, to learn, to solve problems and to make change.  I have been a truth seeker.  A nurturer.  A relator.  A secret daughter of the universe dressed up in sharp suits and snazzy heels.  I found it difficult to be all the parts of myself, fully.  So I did the bits that were comfortable, that got results, and pushed down the rest.  

Until I couldn’t.  

There comes a time for all of us when we feel a pull to be whole.  A longing to realise our purpose and to live it, with joy, love and passion.  And to be wildly successful in it!

Is it your time?  Is it time for you to rock on with your bad self, without jeopardising what you have created?  

The best part about a tool box like this, is that you can use what you like, when you like.  Maybe for you it's just some beautiful natural chemistry to calm your monkey mind and bring some nurturing into your busy life.  Maybe it's running the gauntlet of your desires to re-shape your life goals.  Or maybe it's tapping away scars, beliefs, lessons learned that no longer serve you.  Take what you like, when you like.  Come back for the rest later, or don't.  

It's up to you.


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