Bringing ease and grace into your new year


The new year is often a time of reflection and planning.  We assess our selves, try to understand the unfolding of the past so that we can make some sort of shift in the year ahead.  It’s a perfectly natural cycle.

For me, 2017 was all sorts of crazy.  So much growth, expansion, healing and so much sickness.  It didn’t actually make sense to me until now, that during a year when I was ‘doing’ the healthiest things of my life, I was also the sickest I have ever been in my life.  But when you’re clearing out your garbage, debris, emotional and energetic dead wood - all that stress makes it’s way out of the cells of your body so that it can be expelled, and in the process your immune system fights the good fight but it’s a big, heavy load.  Three sinus infections, influenza twice, two separate respiratory infections that required steroids and antibiotics and two tooth extractions that ended up with dry sockets.  All issues of the heart and throat chakras - think unexpressed emotions and true self finally coming to the fore and the inner struggle that ensues when your soul wakes up and forces you into transformation!  It’s actually quite comical when I look back.  

So, when I started looking towards 2018 I attuned to this vastly different landscape that I find myself in and asked, where am I going now?  As these waters settle into gentle waves, what do I hear, see and feel for the year ahead and which essential oils will support and safeguard my journey?

  • Frankincense and Geranium:  I find myself being called to nurture, to soften into the love I have for myself, my children, loving husband and broader family as well as my business.  These oils are very comforting in the resilience and calm of Frankincense, and the soft, feminine and balanced nature of Geranium.  Both oils blend beautifully with each other and other oils, and are perfect for aromatic dressing.  Taking the moment to self care, 
  • Blue Tansy:  to reinforce the call to action, to keep moving and not get side-tracked by the million distractions that are ever-present!  This oil is amazing for overcoming vacillation, avoidance or procrastination.  As an Aries with a predominant Pitta dosha, I don’t tend to procrastinate!  But I can vacillate and avoid with the best of them, so a drop of Blue Tansy on my solar plexus does wonders for committed and purposeful action.
  • Lemon, Zendoncrine and LLV:  I feel this year is going to be a lot cleaner.  A few years ago I made some reasonably drastic nutritional changes to support my health and it worked wonders.  No dairy or gluten, included fermented foods and low alcohol - it worked wonders for my physical and mental health but it was hard to maintain during my second pregnancy (not the alcohol bit!).  My youngest is now two years old, so it’s time to clean up my act again.  Lemon is a wonderful detoxifying oil, it supports the liver and kick starts metabolism, so Lemon up everyday!  Zendocrine is specifically formulated to cleanse and purify but I don’t love the flavour, so I’ll be applying it over my liver each day.  And, the Life Long Vitality keeps my metabolic processes running optimally to combat oxidative stress, provides the antioxidants of 12 serves of fruit and vegetables in a bioavailable format and includes a balance of EPA and DHA fatty acids.  These are my go-to life support!  You can read more about these quality supplements on the dōTERRA blog here and about some of the research behind them here
  • Clary Sage, Forgive and Motivate:  These oils are all about maintaining alignment with goals and vision.  Clary Sage has long been used to dispel darkness, clear creative blocks and encourage openness and expansion.  Forgive makes the list because I have a tendency to be critical and get caught, pretty quickly, in a negative, snarky mindset.  Forgive is amazing at softening the heart, returning to compassion and objectivity.  Motivate - do I really need to explain?  Two small children, a business, a job - tiredness can be overwhelming.  A drop of Motivate on my pulse points and in 15 minutes I am uber-functional and effective.  Don’t leave home without it! 

Essential oils are a part of my daily life combined with fave practices whether it be a yoga class, a brisk walk, an EFT session, a green smoothie or a 20 minute meditation on the bus on the way to work.  This is what I’m doing for 2018.

What will you do differently this year?