Low Tox Cleaning

Glamorous?  Nope.  Sexy?  Nope.  Spiritual?  Not in my world!  I doubt that cleaning is a the top of any of our 'favourite pastimes' list, but at the end of the day we all have to do it AND household cleaning products are one of the easiest ways you can get rid of a bunch of harmful toxins, without even trying.  Plus, I can never clean without thinking of the incredible Freddie Mercury cavorting around in fishnet stockings and a patent leather mini while vacuuming - so at the very least it can bring a little cheeky humour to my day.  If we're not in the same vintage and you have no idea what I'm talking about, do yourself a favour and check this out - you get that bonus for free!

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Why use essential oils to clean your home?  

Think about it.  You have do it anyway, and you have to spend the money anyway - so why not swap out your toxic junk for 100% safe, natural and effective products that do the job, keep you healthy AND give you greater value by earning points for you.  Win win.

There is so much info, it’s hard to know what to leave out.  To avoid overwhelming you, I’m just going to stick with the basics…..


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  • all oils have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial properties but they vary in strengths and composition which is why you might use one oil for one purpose, and another for a different purpose
  • my go to cleaning oils are Lemon and Wild Orange (citrus is a great degreaser, sticky residue remover), On Guard Protective Blend (shown to be resistant to MRSA), Clove (mould inhibitor) and Tea Tree (anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-microbial).
  • I also use Lavender, Lemongrass, Cedarwood and Purify Cleansing Blend, in the laundry - because they boost the germ killing power of a cold wash, and I like the way they smell :)


Other products

  • dōTERRA's On Guard Cleaning Concentrate - made with the uber-popular and effective On Guard Protective Blend, this concentrate can clean your dishes, bathroom and laundry or be combined with bi-carb of soda for an all natural cleaning paste.  A great item to add to your monthly order so you earn points for cleaning, yay!  Again, win win.
  • Dr Bronner’s Sal Suds Liquid Cleaner - super concentrated, only need a small amount in a spray bottle with essential oils and it does a great job.  It may seem expensive but it literally lasts months in our house…….maybe that means I don’t do enough cleaning???  I find that when I clean using this with EO’s, it takes longer for the mould to come back - more winning!
  • Spray bottles - use glass if you are using citrus oils, plastic is fine otherwise.  I have a glass one for the Kitchen Counter Spray because it has citrus oils, the other ones are plastic.

Some people like to use vinegar and bi-carb, I just find a soap-based product cleans better and I don’t have to work so hard.  Plus, I hate the smell of vinegar. 

I should add, each dōTERRA essential oil bottle is 15ml and contains 250 drops.  In a standard spray bottle from Woolies (your local supermarket!) I use 1-2 tbsp of either On Guard Cleaning Concentrate or Dr Bronners, and about 10 drops of oils.  And then that cleans the bathroom about 4 times.  So they go a long way when used efficiently! 

What are your go-to recipes for DIY household cleaning?  Or maybe you'd like to know more specific recipes?  Let me know in the comments and I'll put together a post with your favourites :)


Jo x