How You Can Bring Hope to Children Caught in Sex Trafficking


$2500 to save one child from sex slavery.

That's a pretty small price.  Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) is a NON-PROFIT organisation that partners with doTERRA to undertake this most challenging, traumatic and necessary work. Setup by an ex-US Homeland Security Special Agent, OUR has rescued over 1000 children and assisted in the arrests of more than 400 traffickers.

doTERRA created the Hope Blend specifically to support this work, by donating all proceeds from every sale - that’s all $26 - not just the profit, to the organisation.  At that rate it takes 100 bottles of hope to be purchased, to save the life of one child.

I’m going to share a little bit of my story with you here. As a child I was subjected to violence and sexual assault. That only ended because friends ‘rescued’ us - in the middle of the night, and we got away. We had to live in a new place, and then we moved state.  When I think about this time I am reminded how traumatic it was, but I am also struck by how lucky we were.  We were enormously gifted to have people that both cared enough and were in a position to actually help, that we got out. These children don’t have that opportunity. They have nothing, except the work of organisations such as OUR that dedicate their lives, their freedom, their gifts, to helping those that can’t help them selves.

This is an incredibly easy solution for you to be a part of.  Purchase this beautiful blend of Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Bergamot for yourself or gift it to a friend.  If you’ve got a monthly order going, make it a regular purchase - it’s five coffees a month and give it out everytime there’s a birthday, mother’s day, baby shower, bridal shower - the oils will help you feel calm, relaxed, soothed and uplifted.  Share the stories, share the work and we'll continue to rescue innocent children from depravity and give them an opportunity for a different life.  An opportunity to grow in safety, to be loved and valued and to grow up to not repeat the mistakes of their childhood.  To understand and experience a different way to live and create life.

At $26 it’s unfathomably inexpensive.  Five coffees a moth.  A couple of bottles of wine.  One bottle of reasonable bubbles.  All these gifts we share in our extraordinarily privileged lives, and that's coming from me, someone who could easily be bitter, consumed by my own story and perpetuating the pain.  Instead I choose to be part of the solution.  I choose to be the change agent.

Let's be clear - I will not profit from purchases of this oil. It has 0 point value, and all commissions in doTERRA are paid on point value.  doTERRA don't even cover their costs on this, they pass the full price, all $26, onto OUR so they can continue their work. 

It's just the right thing to do.

Please share this post far and wide, because every child is worth saving.

Jo x