Hosting a dōTERRA Event

Class.  Party.  Workshop.  Gathering.  Session.  Catch-up.  What do you call it?

I like 'event', do you know why?  Because lots of people have some weird-ass feelings about hosting what is essentially a product party.  I totally get it - I was one of them!

Up until two years ago I had been to a sum total of one (yes, singular) product party and hosted zero.  The reason?  Waaaaaayyy back in my early 20's I was invited to a friends BBQ and ambushed by her father into an Amway demo.   I was ropable!  Like seriously seething.  My trust in a relationship had been broken and I had been cornered.  Luckily at the time I was able to say 'no thanks', but only after spending a very uncomfortable hour in a place I didn't want to be, and losing a lot of respect and fondness for someone I had liked immensely.  Unfortunately this experience is common and many people have been put off the idea of getting too close to anything that remotely resembles network marketing or direct sales.

Fast forward 20-odd years.......whilst at home on maternity leave I discovered Norwex.  Family and friends raved about the products, and I respected their opinions so when I called their rep to get some info, she asked if I would host a demo for a few friends.  Whilst I felt a bit squirmy, I agreed.  When I met my friendly Norwex rep, I realised that she was just another Mum like me, who wanted a more flexible life.  She'd had a professional career but when she discovered Norwex, she developed a passion for the product and decided to give the business a go.  And she was great at it!  Our demo was very relaxed, not at all pushy, informative and a really lovely gathering.  Some women bought products, some didn't.  No awkwardness, just shopping on the comfort of our deck with a very informed personal rep.  Was I asked to become a member of her team?  Yes.  What did I say?  No thanks, not for me.  What did she say?  Ok, well if you ever change your mind you know where I am.  That was it.  No pestering, no convincing - just an offer of an opportunity and a respect for my decision.

When I joined dōTERRA I fell in love with the products really quickly, pretty much overnight.  And I decided to build a business straight away.  Having attended a sum total of two product parties by then (I bought a Thermomix), I wasn't what you'd call experienced!  BUT, it didn't matter.  Why?  Because I loved the products and I could see the potential in the business opportunity.  Flexible work, generous income, supportive and engaged community.

My first event was at a friends house.  She invited a bunch of her pals, laid out some nibbles and we gathered to talk and play with essential oils.  We kept it simple.  I think 5 out of 6 women enrolled on the night (the 6th has since enrolled later), everyone enjoyed themselves and we created a bunch of happy oil users.  No biggie and I could see the enormous value of the group dynamic.  People love being together, especially us gals!  We share stories and experiences, and create a community very quickly.  

Hosting an event is also the best way to get your oils for free.  Does that sound good?  Who doesn't want free oils!  Sharing with your peeps means that you can earn commissions to cover the cost of your order.  Easy peasy.  Here's how........

  1. Pick a date / time that works for you 
  2. Invite 10-12 peeps, knowing that at least half won't be able to make that date / time (all good, you can host another one later!)  I'll do up a cool digital invite for you to send out.
  3. Send a couple of reminders - people get busy and forget their commitments!  
  4. Get some nibbles and your choice of beverages (sparkling water is great to showcase your fave citrus oils)
  5. Relax, enjoy the company of your friends and soak up the oily fun! 

A couple of tips to make your event awesome :)

  • Inviting in person is always best, isn't that how you like to be asked to things?  Have a coffee, give them a ring.  Follow up with your social sharing / text / digital-comms so your peeps have a record of the all the details
  • Keep you nibbles simple and easy
  • If you're keen to share some drinks, leave it until after the info session is done.  That way everyone can relax, chat and mingle over oils 

So, next time you're asked if you're open to hosting an event, just say yes!  You'll nab yourself a host gift and could even cover your own order!  And your friends will be stoked.  I would love to know your host experiences, share your story in the comments and inspire others to join in the fun :)

Jo x