Stay the course. Live your truth.

It's incredible how life weaves its way around. In the moment we think we know so much, but rarely is that the case.

20 years ago I was finishing my undergraduate studies in Psychology. I recall the subject of one of my final assignments - to come up with my own personal theory of behaviour.  Why do people do what they do?  At the time I was confounded.  What a ridiculously large, looming, life question to ask of a final year student!  I struggled with the inquiry because it wasn't something I could research my way out of.  This was a quest to put myself, my thoughts and inner-most feelings out there.  I needed to connect with myself and my results were going to be judged.  Discomfort was an understatement.  Still, once I realised what had to be done I took a deep breath and dived in.  All or nothing.  Because I'm kinda like that.

And so.  When I dug deep down to see what I thought, I came up with this - everyone does everything to feel better.  Simple.  EVERYONE does EVERYTHING to feel BETTER.  

Sometimes that thing is genuine, heartfelt and totally right.  And sometimes that thing is heinous, or malicious, or self-serving, or back-handed and totally wrong - born out of pain, misguided blame or even good intention.  A man kills his wife because he thinks it will wipe out the pain of her infidelity.  A girl steals a pair of tights from the shop because she thinks she'll feel worthy as part of the group, like all the others.  A mother sacrifices her truth because she thinks she'll feel better working a 9-5 job to put food on the table rather than following her dream to be an artist.  A young woman commits herself to a violent relationship for years because she thinks her love will save the man from himself, even if she couldn't save her father that way.  You see where I'm going?  This stuff can get deep.  The idea that we are all driven by our desire to feel good, comfortable, centred, at peace.  That looks very different to each of us.  I loved my theory, it made sense to me.  Turns out the academic establishment didn't agree, and while I passed, it wasn't with flying colours like I was used to.  I was buuuuuurrrrrrnnnnneed.  Like in a charred kind of way.  I felt completely invalidated and thanks to my rather tenuous grip on self-esteem, I automatically accepted that I got it wrong and buried the idea.  Except that I couldn't actually bury it.  I just kept it to myself.  The concept kept coming back to me.  Through my work, relationships, children.  And as the universe goes, the idea was brought back to me.  Front and centre.  In the form of The Desire Map.


Well ho-lee shit.  It's like my theory underwent a beautiful, articulate makeover and was gifted back to me.  The Desire Map, crafted from the heart, soul and womb of the supremely bad-ass Danielle LaPorte, is your guide to soul freedom.  Coaching you through the process of unfurling the veils of the carefully crafted script that is your life, The Desire Map opens up the space for you to BE.  To just BE.  In all your magnificently imperfect glory.  Dive deep and connect with what truly bubbles away inside, makes you tick.  The you that silently drives all your choices and behaviours but doesn't get a voice, over the analytical, logical mind - your 'should' brain.  I should follow my career path because I've worked so hard, it's a steady income and people will think I'm a flake if I leave it.  I should definitely not start up a network marketing biz in essential oils because my whole professional world will think I've lost the plot.  I should stay with my partner even though it feels like we're just teammates, because it will hurt too much to leave.  I should lose 10, 20, 30 kgs because society tells me I'm more acceptable, successful, worthy if I'm thinner.  How's it workin' out for ya?  Feeling a little weighed down?  A little apathetic?  A little un-inspired?  No shit.

Somewhere along the way we lost our innocent, curious connection to ourselves and our world.  We stopped wondering, dreaming, aspiring and got right into the doing of achievement, progression and maintenance.  Well it's time to step out and reclaim your life.  Desire has it's place in our hearts and in our energy.  When we connect to it, we forge a light that is so bright it cannot help but be a beacon.  Desire operates from the depths of our souls, so discovering our Core Desired Feelings and placing them front and centre of our lives, means we wrap all our energy, momentum, action and direction, around our Soul.  Cool, huh?  Beautiful in it's simplicity.  What does it mean?  Alignment.  It means that everything you do in your life will be in alignment with your true purpose.  And why is that important?  Happiness, bliss, ease.  Living your life in alignment with your true purpose brings happiness, bliss and ease.  Note this is not 'eas-y'.  Ease is about going with the grain, rather than against it. About leaning in when the earth tremors beneath you, and finding your balance as a result.  And we ALL need more of that.

I am psyched to be able to bring The Desire Map to you.  Buy the book.  Read it.  Grab your besties, book club, gang or family and come to a workshop.  This is the kind of work that is wonderful in communion, sharing the exploration of what desire means in your life, work, relationships, body, creativity and essence.  Laughing at the absurdity of some of our lies and marvelling in the warmth and honesty of truth, expansion and growth.  This work is so necessary right now.  In this moment in history when the feminine intelligence, wisdom and expression is being called to usher us into a new paradigm.  Connect.  To yourself, each other, your desires.  It's time.