Online dōTERRA Pop-up for Friends & Family

Are you curious about how essential oils work? Or maybe you’re even a little cynical? Either way, you need a more information about these products that seem to be EVERYWHERE now, before you decide to give them a go.

Well guess what! This event is totally for you.

Five samples, five days of education and experience for five bucks. Reckon you can do that?

The idea here is to give you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ in the comfort of your own home. For $5 you will receive five samples of the most versatile essential oils shipped directly to your home. Then, as part of a private facebook community we’ll share education, experiences, research, recipes, hints and tips so you can try them out for yourself! It’s really easy, there’s no pressure, just an open learning experience that gives you the opportunity to learn and experience the power of these oils for yourself.

Because let’s face it - essential oils are an experience. They’re something you need to use and smell in order to know right?

The event runs from Wednesday 8th to Sunday 12 May. Once you’re part of the facebook group there will be daily discussions about one of the oils in your sample pack so you can really focus on learning about just one oil at a time. This is a perfect forum for busy people who can’t give up a whole Saturday morning or weeknight for a workshop.

The essential oils included in your sample pack are:

  • On Guard (Protective Blend)

  • Lemon

  • Tea Tree

  • Easy Air (Respiratory Support Blend)

  • Cedarwood

So, if you’re interested in natural solutions for your family’s health and wellbeing particularly reducing toxic load, everyday health and emotional support, then register your interest by emailing me, or sending DM via facebook.

AND, as a bonus there is a Grand Prize on offer which includes hundreds of dollars worth of goodies such as Rose Gold Train Case to carry all your fave oils, Correct X Ointment, Mood Management sample kit, DIY supplies and much more!! So what are you waiting for?