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EFT and The Stories We Tell

Always through the process of EFT stories are uncovered.  The stories we tell ourselves hold deep patterns of conditioning within, and they can go back generations.  We are so influenced by our stories that it is highly likely we don’t even see them, or if we are aware, then we don’t see the extent to which they permeate our everyday living.

Stories influence the choices we make, and how we show up in our present lives.  As the author and co-creator, we are uniquely positioned to re-write our stories and usher in a new truth that serves better.

Changing your story can shift your future, and it can also shift your past.  Energetically, your soul lives in the here and now, and in the past and in the future.  Tapping into events of the past can provide deep healing for your own soul and all the other souls involved.

If you know what your story is, or at least the one that's causing you issues, then you can get to work!  But maybe you’re not clear on your story?  You know something isn't quite right, you feel stuck somehow or somewhere, but you can't quite pinpoint exactly what it is?  Then tune into the physical feelings of your body, rate the intensity and start tapping on that (learn how to tap in this video).  For example, “Even though I am not quite sure what it is that I need to know, I feel this thing in the pit of my stomach, a niggling feeling that something is not quite right. I’m open to discovering my truth, and I deeply and completely, accept myself and how I feel”.  Do your setup rounds, then tap away on being open to receiving your insights / story.  Keep tuned in to your feelings, the story or memories will present themselves as feelings and lead you into more visual or verbal representations.


The key to success with EFT is HONESTY.  

You have to be honest with yourself about what comes to mind as you are tapping because those thoughts, feelings and memories are the keys (known as aspects) that will lead you to the core of the issue or block you need to clear.  You may think you have done the work to deal with your mother's death, or your best friend leaving you when you were six years old, or the car accident you saw happen right before your eyes, or the time you nearly drowned in the surf (even if you didn't actually drown but you felt like it!), or the hurtful words that disempowered you and made you shameful before you even knew what that meant.  But guess what?  We are never done.  

We. Are. Never. Done.  

We can grow, we can evolve and we can transform.  But the one thing we cannot do, is stay still.  We cannot be 'done'.  Why?  Because at our foundations, at our smallest particle, at our most infinitesimal being we are energy.  We do not stop.  As long as we are alive we are vibrating energy and the nature of energy is to transform.  The direction of that transformation can be healthy or not, but it will happen either way.  So we will always continue to shift and grow, you can do that from a place of curiosity, joy and openness or you can do it from crisis, or even worse, ignorance.

Our experiences and interactions with others leave indelible prints on us, and we must understand them if we are to free ourselves from them.  

Do the work to make the inner shift, get out of the cycle that has been keeping you stuck, declare your intentions to the universe knowing that you can change your life. Allow today to break your cycles and enter into a new way of being.

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