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Make your account work for you

So you've got your amazing oils in your hot little hands, what now?  You've made a fair investment, you're excited to know more and learn about how to get the most out of your oils, ditch the toxins and get on your way to your best health yet.  BUT - it's all a bit confusing!  Sometimes it seems that people are speaking in tongues - LRP, OV, PV, PoM - what does it all mean?  How do you make the most out of this smorgasbord of goodness you're now standing in front of?

Never fear, the answer is here :)

Making the most of your dōTERRA account is easy, it just takes a little planning, understanding a few basic principles and most importantly - using your product!

LRP Highlights.jpg

First up LRP - Loyalty Rewards Program.  By far, this is the most intelligent way to get your oils and all the other goodies in dōTERRA's range.  Why?  Just like QANTAS, Woolworths or whatever your local airline or supermarket is, customer loyalty is rewarded.  The program functions on a monthly order which you can stop anytime you like, no contract.  The commitment from you is to purchase a minimum of one product a month, of any value.  In return, dōTERRA rewards you with points - all shipping costs plus a percentage of your total order.  Everyone starts at 10%, and increments every 3 months by a further 5%, up to a maximum of 30%.  Points pile up in your back office, and you can use these to purchase product - making your investment much more cost effective in the long run.

Basic rule - to increment you need to purchase a minimum of 50PV.  Here are some example 50PV orders that give great benefit to every household:

  • Shampoo & Conditioner (26PV, $39), Balance Grounding Blend (24.5PV, $27) + Shipping $7.95 (8PV).  Total cost = $73.95, you get 13 points. Your hair will look and feel amazing and you'll be calm, centred and grounded - very zen.  And, already enough for a free Lemon Oil!
  • On Guard Cleaning Concentrate (10PV, $18), On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste (5PV, $10.25), Clove Essential Oil (16.5PV, $18.25), Purify Essential Oil blend (21.50PV, $27).  Every thing you need to clean your house, keep mould at bay and treat your teeth and gums to an holistic overhaul.  Total cost = $73.50, you get 13 points. 

Spend Swap - Take advantage of the fact that dōTERRA has a full range of personal care, wellness, spa and cleaning products that caters for many of your regularly purchased items.  Consider items such as deodorant, laundry detergent, household cleaning products, toothpaste and skin care then swap them out for dōTERRA's low tox version.  By using your Loyalty Rewards Program to purchase these products you'll earn points regularly, which not only reduces the cost of your household budget over time but also drastically decreases the amount of toxic chemicals you're exposing yourself and your family to, every single day.  


Do It Yourself - make your own roller balls, spray bottles and spritzers.  What for?  Because it's makes everything way cheaper!  In a 10ml rollerball bottle you're generally going to add 15-20 drops of essential oil.  With 250 drops in a 15ml bottle of essential oil, that gives you 12 - 15 rollers from one 15ml bottle!  By making your rollerballs, it extends the life of your oils by eons.  Making spray bottles and spritzers (small spray bottles) for cleaning products, linen or pillow sprays, hand sanitisers, room fresheners also makes sense.  Mostly these recipes are water and oils, and are again a great way to get the most out of your oils.

Product of the Month - freebie, freebie, freebie!  When you order 125PV and ship between 1 - 15th of the month, dōTERRA will send you free product :) This is a no-brainer, but also benefits from a little planning.  Put together a list of extra items, like a wish list, of things you might not ordinarily order but that would boost your total to 125PV.  Maybe it's a top shelf oil, or some spa products to treat yourself, or a gift for someone else.  Product of the Month is advertised on the 1st of each month, so you can check and see if it's something you lust after.  If it is, great! Add some of your wish list items to your cart to get your 125PV total.  If not, simply go ahead with your one or two products, and save your bigger order for next month.

Are you sharing oils?  Obviously the major benefit to be gained from your membership is income.  Sharing is the term we use for oil lovers who want to cover the cost of their orders, but are not actively building a business. You can do this by placing a 100PV order.  Be efficient by planning ahead - save your bigger orders (over 100PV) for the months where you are hosting a workshop, or someone you know wants to enrol.  That way your biggest expenditure will co-incide with the months when you earn income. 


Purchasing with points - when you decide to use points to purchase product, choose the products that save you the most cash while using the least amounts of points.  For example, Peppermint Beadlets and Fractionated Coconut Oil both cost $16.50 when paying in cash.  However, the beadlets will only cost you 11.5 points whereas the FCO will cost 15 points - so it makes sense to pay for the FCO in cash and use your points to get the beadlets.  Value will differ for each person depending on your priority, so just remember to review both the Redemption Value and the cost when you are placing your order.

BOGO - buy one, get one free!  Again, who doesn't love a freebie!  If you're serious about getting value then DO NOT MISS BOGO deals.  By far the best value is buying one oil and getting another absolutely free.  When BOGO runs it goes for five days, Monday to Friday.  A new deal is posted each day, and is available only for that day while stocks last.  Yes, you need to ship each order individually.  If you use your LRP, you'll get all your shipping back in rewards points, so double bonus!!

Use your oils!  Seems silly to say right?  Behaviour is hard to shift though, so if you are new to using oils then make sure you use them, every day.  Build them into your daily and nightly personal care routines, use them for cleaning, set aside some for your medicine cabinet and get them into your kitchen.  Get them into your gym bag and hand bag.  Make some rollers up for the kids school bags.  Because guess what, you definitely WILL NOT GET ANY BENEFIT IF YOU DON'T USE THEM.  You won't be reducing your toxic load, you won't be feeling calm, balanced and sleeping well.  You won't have increased energy and focus during the day and your hormones will still be all over the shop.  USE. YOUR. OILS.

So, there you have it.  Some major tips for getting the most out of your dōTERRA membership.  Are there other tricks and pointers that you have that you'd like to share? We'd love to know, post a comment!