Change your life

What do you want in life?  Have you given yourself permission to really ask this question?  Do you feel a pull to something greater, something that lights you up and allows you to shine, to be your true self, your very best you?  It's time for you to be your own boss!

Making change requires a lot of momentum.  Our lives are fully structured in a way that keeps us on our path, and shifting that trajectory takes some serious energy.  The most important thing you can do to enable that change, is to be crystal clear about why you're doing it.

Let me share a little of my "why" with you.  When dōTERRA came into my life I was at a cross-roads, it had become abundantly clear that my path was shifting but I had NO IDEA what to do.  With a very successful career of 15 years in public service, mostly senior management, a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Public Administration, none of the traditional options were appealing.  I yearned for something that I felt passionate about, where I felt I could make a difference (because it's my thing), where I could empower other women to take control of their lives (something I had loved throughout my career).  I wanted my work to feel easy (no more trudging along) and aligned, and allow me to grow and stretch personally (cos I'm kinda like that!).  And there were a few non-negotiables:

  1. time-freedom: it had to be flexible so I could be present with my children
  2. financial-freedom: it had to afford me an income that could at least match my career salary, and beyond
  3. location-freedom: I had to be able to work from a laptop, not tied to an office. 

Journeying into motherhood forced me to re-assess my priorities, and to accept that I did not enjoy full-time work with small-children.  Some people love it, I am not one of them.

I looked around at various options but nothing seemed to fit.  So when I started using these beautiful gifts of the earth, and we had such immediate and lasting effects in our family I totally fell in love, like it was un-doable.  I still love just hanging out and playing with my oils, creating new blends, learning and experimenting.  The energetics of them are incredible, the way one drop of Sandalwood can calm my whole body and mind still astounds me.  Then I learned about the business and realised that it ticked all the boxes.  I thought, "this is it!" and I felt great.  But then the real gift came.  I saw the potential.  I realised the extent to which I could genuinely change the lives of thousands of women.  And despite having zero experience in marketing, sales, retail or wellness, I said YES.  It felt totally right, bloody scary but totally right!  Since I made that decision I have helped people improve their sleep, health, moods and spiritual connections.  I have empowered them by teaching the tools to harness natural chemistry so they can take control of their health.  I have opened doors to opportunities for personal growth and financial freedom.  I do school drop offs and pick ups, while also having the time to cook nutritious food (because I love to) and do all the other 'stuff' a busy mum does.  All while taking care of our financial needs and growing our future.  It's EPIC.

What you do with your time has a larger impact on your life than just your finances.  Yes, most of us need to work to earn an income.  However, research demonstrates that feeling purposeful increases positive life outcomes including physical and mental health.  Having purpose generates meaning, and having meaning creates value.  So how we choose to spend our time has a significant impact on how valued we feel in our lives.  When we feel valued we are happier, less stressed, more successful.  Sounds good, right! 

Are you feeling valued and inspired?  When you think of your work do you get a burst of joy and energy, or are you overwhelmed with weight?  Or maybe you’re just a little bit “meh”.  Living a life of inspiration, success and fulfillment does not feel like that!

The doTERRA business opportunity is available to anyone who is in love with their oils.  You do not need any special qualifications, you do not need to be a spiritual guru, or a naturopath or a super salesperson.  These oils and this company change peoples lives through health and wellbeing, and freedom from time and financial pressures.  Is it time for your life to change?  


Amazing Product

One of the best things about having a doTERRA business is that you are surrounded by these incredible essential oils, every day!  Backed by research, exceptional quality standards and ethical sourcing partnerships, doTERRA essential oils can provide therapeutic benefit to support your body to return to balance.  Unlike other ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses, doTERRA do all the heavy lifting to provide you with market leading products, training and community.  So regardless of your background (and we have women and men from all walks of life!) you too can jump in and create a successful, flexible and sustainable business.


Designed by You

Ever notice how, even if you love your job, there is always something you would change about your workplace?  Owning your own doTERRA business means you get to design your ultimate workplace.  You can work from wherever you like - home, office, beach, travelling or in the car while doing school drop offs!  You get to work with your ultimate crew - because you build your business by sharing with people who know you, or people who know them, or those who follow you on social media, you’re always working with people you attract, YOUR tribe.    

Are you a natural networker who loves educating and connecting with others to support and empower their learning?  Or perhaps you’re more a one-on-one person who thrives in individual relationships, building stronger connections over the long term?  Maybe you love social media, forever snapping and posting, connecting and engaging with your peeps?

All of these work, as does a combination of activities.  With a doTERRA business you can really run your own race, as long as you respect the boundaries of responsible service, ensuring that you empower others in a safe and supportive environment.


And you get me as a bonus!


We all have superpowers, and it is so important to understand your own so that you can leverage success in your life.  My superpower's are empowerment and leadership.  I have a special gift for helping you find You.  In addition to my degrees I am a certified EFT Practitioner, an Emotional Anatomy Consultant and a licensed Desire Map and Firestarter Sessions facilitator.  I don't list my qualifications for bragging rights, there are loads of people who are far more qualified than me!  But it gives you a feel for a couple of things - I'm fundamentally interested in humans, in who we are, how we work and how we can be our best.  The other things to take away are that I love learning and I work bloody hard :)  I make it my business to understand you and meet your needs.  I am a collaborative leader.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that I see your unique strengths and I create space for you to express those strengths in a team environment.  I have zero issue with you having strengths that I don't, and you being uber-successful in this business.  I help you uncover your blocks and work through them, so that you can step into your unique path and bring your dreams to life.

Does that mean I'm all over you?  No.  When you work with me, we sit down together and discuss how you best work, what you need from me and we work to that.  No two people are the same and I respect your agency.

All this comes with a healthy dose of humour, spirit and practicality.  Fun and joy are critical to reducing stress, staying grounded and achieving big dreams - and just getting through life.  We can do serious work, without being too serious!

How it works


Approximately 85% of doTERRA’s accounts are owned by happy oil users.  These are people who love the essential oils and products, use them in their daily life and enjoy the benefits of natural health solutions.  


About 10% of people love the products so much that they want to share them with people they care about.  They’ve experienced the benefits of reducing their toxic load, of having 100% natural solutions on hand and they want the people they love to experience that too.  So they tell their friends and family, they might gift them some oils or they might host a class here and there.


And then there are about 5% of people who literally go MAD for the oils and build a business wrapped around them so they can fully immerse themselves in the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health benefits offered by doTERRA.  If you’re in this boat then you may be up at 4am excitedly reading every book you can to learn more, you’re going to local classes and training events and you’re hosting workshops for yourself and others.  You are in the game, welcome!


Compensation - Let's talk $$

It’s important that you understand the Compensation Plan, so that your efforts to create the life of your choosing are rewarded.  Here are the fundamentals to get you started:

  • You must be placing a 100PV Loyalty Rewards Order to qualify for commissions

  • There are four different ways to earn commission including Fast Start, Unilevel, Power of Three and Leadership Pools

  • Volume and Rank are the two factors that are used to determine commissions

There are many different compensation plans available in the network marketing sector, this article provides a great overview of the differences between them and why doTERRA chose their unique model.

Financial and time freedom is truly possible if you are willing.  Check out the 2016 Earnings Disclosure and note figures are USD, so they're even better in Aussie dollars!


Are you right for a dōTERRA business?

Creating and running your own business is a big step.  It can be one of the most rewarding, freeing, empowering steps you'll ever take, but if you're not ready then it could very well break you.  So let's work out if this is the right place for you first!

A dōTERRA business is a great opportunity if you:

  • Are a self-starter, motivated, action taker (I'm guessing if you're reading this post then you're a big fat YES!)
  • Love essential oils, natural solutions and actively take charge of you and your family's health to ensure you all live your best life possible
  • Are a learner - you're interested in knowing more and doing better
  • Are looking for a long-term, sustainable and successful business
  • Aspire to empower others to make the change to natural solutions and financial and time freedom
  • Are a creator.  You choose to design your life, on your terms, for the betterment of you and everyone around you.
  • Are not afraid of self-development.  It's often said that dōTERRA is a self-help company wrapped up in essential oils!  Personal growth goes hand in hand with crafting your own successful business, and becoming a leader in your field, you cannot shy away from this aspect.
  • Are able to place a 100PV order each month to qualify you for commissions.

So, if your interest is piqued and you're curious about whether this business is a great fit for you or not, then let's talk.  It's equally important that you choose to create your dreams with someone you connect with, that can support you and wants to see you shine in your own unique way - not as a reflection of them!  You can email me on, or swing by Facebook or Instagram and connect with me there.