emotional anatomy


The body tells your story, whether you agree with it or not.  Emotional Anatomy is the craft of combining Ayurvedic body types, chakras, anatomy and foundational psychology to give a holistic, deeply personal and spiritual account of your energetic and emotional potential, and your journey thus far.

Let's unpack that.

In Emotional Anatomy we read the body to understand your true energetic nature and to identify any imbalance between your potential, and your experience. Our bodies are a physical manifestation of our experiences and they DO NOT LIE.

Perhaps you have a feeling of 'stuck-ness', or you know you are not being yourself but you're not sure who your Self is?  Maybe you feel at a crossroads in your career, relationships, purpose and are seeking clarity to help you move. Maybe you'd like to build a deeper understanding of your unique you.

As a tool, a body or face reading can provide you with an awareness of why you are the way you are, and a road map of your potential. It is often an awakening experience, deeply personal and it can be challenging, but it is highly valuable if you are genuinely interested in growing into your true self.


In Ayurvedic teachings, we all have a governing body type - a dosha. Your dosha guides the function of the body physically and emotionally. You may also be familiar with chakras, the seven energy centres of the body through which all vital life force flows. Throughout your life you will experience periods of imbalance, it is part of the natural course. Over time, these imbalances manifest in the body in different shapes, lines and textures. The body reflects your energetic journey and tells a powerful narrative about who you are in your soul, and who you are being, in your life. The dissonance, and there always is, opens up opportunities for growth and expansion, like nothing you have experienced before.

A body or face reading is a process of observation and comparison against archetypes and features common to certain traits or behaviours. Drawing together over 5000 years of Ayurvedic teachings with modern science and psychology, this practice brings an entirely different perspective to what you know of yourself. Through this lens you can identify the ways in which you have ducked and weaved, avoided or suppressed the various energetic growth experiences of your life, and use this information to transform your present experience.

Long nose, high cheekbones, do your ears sit high or point backwards? Do you know someone whose presence is automatically felt as soon as they enter the room? Our faces reveal so much about who we are and how we have travelled in our lives.

Facial analysis can provide detailed information about how you operate in your business world, and who you are internally. Angles, lines, differences between left and right, proportions, skin tone and how light reflects across the face all provide important clues to your true personhood.

Reading the face takes approximately 30 minutes of observation and information gathering, in addition to a face split which is used to assess the differences between right and left, masculine and feminine. You can then use this information to develop understanding and unveil hidden aspects of yourself, as you grow and move through your personal journey.

You can learn more about face reading from the creator of this amazing craft here.
From the tips of our toes up to the crown of our heads, we are unique expressions of our energetics, our biology, our ancestry and our life experiences. We are an inordinately rich source of data, most of which slips by our conscious awareness in the daily hum of modern living. The human body tells such a comprehensive and complex story, that it can be difficult to narrow down the scope of a reading.

Broadly, a reading involves observation of all aspects of the body form from alignment, to tissue presentation (texture, colour, temperature), to lines and shapes, size and proportion. These observations are related to each of the chakras and assessed against your personal history and information. The resulting insights are profound in terms of identifying the innate capacity and capability you were born with (actually determined at conception), and the life you are living today.

Participants are required to wear a two-piece (underwear or swimwear) in order to see the body in its natural form. Some palpation is required to determine temperature and texture of tissue, which inform different interpretations. Observations can take up to an hour, and readings can be delivered as a verbal assessment or as a detailed written report.

This type of assessment is personal and unique to you. It is for people who accept the bodymind connection and are eager to understand their energetic identity. There is no judgement about fat, thin, good or bad - just a simple observation of what the body is saying. Body analysis is an excellent tool for guiding personal growth and unveiling truth - of both challenge and potential. It is not for people who are after a sugar-coated version, pretty version of their life story.
We are so much more than the sum of our biology. As we peel back the layers of ourselves, with honesty and care, we uncover our truth and can clearly see the blocks that are keeping us from realising our full potential.

So now that you are armed with this new information, what do you do? How do you progress and deal with the issues that have led to your present circumstance? How do you find out what you really desire?

Welcome to Emotional Freedom Technique and The Desire Map.