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getting started with essential oils

Where do I start?  The most common question I get!  And the answer is so easy.  There are two ways to get started with dōTERRA:

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  1. Purchase an enrolment kit (check out the options here) which includes your wholesale membership, and oils to cater for your unique needs at heavily discounted prices.  This option is recommended if you are keen to cater for the whole families needs, and get started with using essential oils to low tox your home and life!
  2. Purchase a wholesale membership and customise oils to suit you.  This is a great option if you would like to build a collection of oils over time, and take it slow and steady.

That's it.  Pretty easy right?  If your interest has been piqued and you'd like to know more then get in touch!  Send me an email at, I'm more than happy to answer your questions.

Otherwise, if you know what you want, and you're an independent keen bean, then scroll down for directions at the bottom of the page.  


understanding doterra-land!

The other thing I get asked often is "so how does 'it' work?".  This one makes me laugh because it outs people's suspicions about the network marketing model.  Let's clarify.

The Business Model

doTERRA uses a network marketing / distribution business model which allows them to divert precious resources away from bricks and mortar shops and clever marketing to quality assurance, research and sourcing the best plants on the planet.  This model also allows customers to enjoy doTERRA’s incredible essential oils and other products to support their health and wellbeing, and if you’re interested, you can also build a flexible, heart-centred and financially rewarding business.  There is absolutely no requirement for you to sell essential oils, but the option to earn some extra cash or even replace your income is there if you’re keen.  You can find out more about how to change your life with doTERRA here.

Your Tree

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As a network marketing business, new memberships are placed in a structured organisation under your membership.  This structure is called your 'tree'.  Even if you are not actively building a dōTERRA business, as a Wellness Advocate you may have people placed below you by the person you joined with.  In this way, a tree is created for you and should you ever wish to take advantage of the income that is generated, then you can simply by placing a monthly order of 100PV.  Remember, if you have no interest in earning income, then you can completely disregard this option. 

Point Value

You will notice that every product has a corresponding Point Value (PV).  As a global company, a point value system allows dōTERRA to operate with consistent pricing in different countries.  The PV acts as a neutral unit of currency and it is the foundation of all calculations and decision points.  For example, if you're interested in:

  1. Free product: Orders over 125PV.  You can also get free product by redeeming accumulated rewards points to purchase products.
  2. Earn commission: Orders over 50PV as a minimum, 100PV to get maximum benefit.  Commissions are paid in a variety of ways, based on the PV of individual orders, or on the Overall Volume of your tree.
  3. Earn rewards points: Orders over 50PV placed through the Loyalty Rewards Program will attract rewards points.
  4. Special promotions: Throughout the year special promotions are offered for orders over a certain PV eg., 200PV orders in December 2017 scored a free Frankincense! 

Loyalty Rewards Program

The concept of loyalty programs is commonplace in today's economy.  Whilst there is no end to the variety of offers available, the underlying premise remains consistent across industries - reward loyal customers to improve retention.  There is no other motivation, other than to increase the benefit received for choosing dōTERRA as your preferred brand.

dōTERRA have created a very generous Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) that supports you to get the most value out of your purchases, and integrate great products into your everyday life.  Key benefits include:

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  1. Free shipping on every order.  That's right, all shipping is returned to you, dollar for dollar, in product points.
  2. Free product!  Product of the Month is gifted to you when you order over 125PV, shipped between 1st-15th of each month.
  3. Rewards points for more free product!  Earn between 10%-30% of the point value of your order in rewards points, and use these for future purchases.
  4. Earn your income.  By placing a monthly LRP order of 100PV you will automatically qualify for commissions on orders placed in your tree.

Ready to get started?

Enrol and Order

So you're a keen bean and you know what you want?  Perfect.  Follow these steps to get started on your journey with essential oils, you'll be hearing from me very shortly!

  1. Go to

  2. Click Join & Save

  3. Select your preferred language and where your products will be shipped from.  Selecting the country you reside in, means your goods will be shipped from the local warehouse, not overseas.

  4. Select Local (OTG) Order.

  5. Choose your preferred account type.  We always recommend choosing the Wellness Advocate account as it provides you with greater options and flexibility.  

  6. Enter your personal details (be sure to use the date format MM/DD/YYYY for your date of birth).

  7. In the Sponsor ID section, enter my Wellness Advocate ID 3882522.  Welcome!  You’ve just joined my team, yay!

  8. Create your password, agree to the Terms & Conditions and press Continue.

Untitled design-12.png

You have just completed your account setup, congratulations and welcome to my team!  I'm very excited to have you on board.  The next section will take you through the setup for your enrolment order, and from then on, it’s online shopping.

After creating your account you will be prompted to enter your enrolment order details, this is the fun part!

  1. Select the option from the top banner that fits your needs - are you purchasing a kit or creating a custom order?  Be sure to add the Welcome Pack for custom orders, this is your membership fee.
  2. Add items to your order, I always recommend adding Fractionated Coconut Oil for rollerballs and dilution.
  3. Select your shipping preference.
  4. Click view totals. 
  5. Proceed to select shipping and enter your payment details

Once completed you will be added to the Epic Alchemy email list and receive a comprehensive four week introductory series to get you on your way.  You'll also receive a Welcome Pack in the post so you can get creative, mixing up your oils like a pro!  I take my oils educator role seriously, and I am honoured that you have chosen to step onto this path with me.  You'll hear from me regularly, but not too much.  Think of me as a coach / life-hacker that helps you feel good and smell amazeballs :)