Want to bring your life into alignment?  It's pretty simple.  Show up.

Clarity. Calm. Empowerment. 

These are the destinations of women who choose to engage, to learn and to apply.  When your soul is calling you to connect, to cut through the noise and stop playing small, then here and now is your place and time.

Develop insight into your true being.  Work through the weight of everything holding you back.  Tune in to your physiology, your energy, your mind and body.  Come out the other side lighter, brighter, YOU.

Find out who you really are, connect to your purpose and empower yourself.  Live your best life with joy, calm and curiosity. 

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Why me?

Because I see you.  I have walked the path of change from corporate career crusader, to OMG what am I doing here, to heart-centred entrepreneur.  I have been in your shoes - treading water, out of focus, longing for freedom.  

My mission is to bring women like you into the light, where you deserve to be.  To crack through the exterior and into the deep recesses of your soul, re-arrange, and back out again.  I'm like the high performance soul mechanic.  All the parts of the perfect machine are there, they just need a little love and some tweaking from a passionate professional that wants you to win your race.

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With 15 years in behavioural management and leadership, a Bachelor of Psychology, an Executive Masters in Public Administration, a Certified EFT Practitioner, Emotional Anatomy Consultant, doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Licensed Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator, I am all about understanding how you operate and supporting you to be your best self.  It is my passion to know you and to empower you.  

Let me be clear, I am not here to do this work for you.  That would serve no-one.  

My gift is my ability to see you, to know what makes you tick and to equip you with new, effective tools and skills that create lasting change.  I will work with you, guide you, support you and cheer you on!  As a mother of two (one perfectly normal pregnancy, one absolutely gut-wrenching one) I bring the benefit of all that experience, wisdom and nurturing into this time and place, for you.

It is your time to shine.  Light up my lovely.  


premium Coaching Package

Create your best life and live it.  

Stop dreaming about it, wishing for it, hoping that it will appear.  You have to OWN it.  There are a billion different ways in which we hold ourselves back from being our best selves.  And there is good reason for it, change is uncomfortable and can be scary.  

Unless you take the conscious path.

Shine a brilliant light on everything that is holding you back, then deconstruct, clear it out and re-create.  You can craft your reality with the right tools, empowerment and environment.

In this one of a kind, premium private coaching program you will banish the doubt, stop treading water and open up to your true success.

Premium individual holistic program includes:

  • 1 hour introductory session to outline process, tools and topics and resources used during the program, and to complete observations for body and face analysis

  • Full Face & Body Analysis including written reports

  • Guided Desire Map process to draw out your soul-centred goals including Journal

  • 6 x 90 min individual coaching sessions (monthly) during which we work through the issues identified in your emotional anatomy, develop clear desire-driven goals and actions to deliver practical and lasting change in your life

  • Practical tools including EFT and exercises that teach you how to shift perspective and change behaviour

  • Essential oils, tailored to you, to anchor your transformation and daily practice

  • Accountability to empower you to make your desired changes

  • Additional phone and email support

Investment $1,550  (payment plans available)



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Understand how to harness natures chemistry to take control of your emotional, physical, financial and spiritual health.

doTERRA has changed the lives of millions of families all over the world through their outstanding humanitarian work and ethical sourcing practices, unapologetically single-minded focus on financial empowerment, and of course their incredibly pure, potent and  powerful essential oils.

Hands down the best way to experience these oils is to attend or host a workshop.  Think fun, informative, casual and relaxed.  Gatherings of friends, family and like-minded souls, sipping, supping and talking oils.  Contact me to create your own, personalised event so you can get started in your oily journey today. 


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Combining all the tools of Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotional Anatomy, Desire Mapping and Essential Oils, coaching with me is equal parts therapeutic intervention, empowerment and self-care. Allow yourself to feel the relief, to know that you've got this.  Partner with me to dive deep and pin-point the beliefs and emotions that are holding you back, to create new perspective to take you into the future.  

Private sessions allow you the space to get real in a genuine and authentic partnership, without avoiding the hard stuff.  Powerful. Moving. Healing.

Available in person or online.


  • Introductory Package 4 x 1 hour sessions $320

  • Individual one-off sessions $105 per hour

extra goodies

Danielle LaPorte is hands down one of my favourite humans on the planet.  The definitive boss babe and spiritual bad-ass, she is capable, inspiring, articulate, feminine.  A chameleon and clarity all at once.  You can bring her special brand of awesomeness into your life with these amazing products.  Grab yourself a #truthbomb deck and feel the universe at play, each and every day.  Mooch around Danielle's website for gorgeous gifts for you and your loved ones xx