Why dōTERRA?

It takes a lot to inspire me. I'm critical and skeptical by nature, it's part of what makes me discerning and a great risk manager. The downfall of this trait though is that you can miss out on seeing beauty, joy and integrity because you're too busy searching for the punchline. That's what happened when I came across dōTERRA.  For a long time I thought the product and company were too good to be true, I kept looking for the failure somewhere that would confirm my suspicion that, despite my own amazing experiences of healing and those of people all around me, it was all just clever marketing!  But it never came, and so I opened my mind to the possibility that actually, these guys are legit.

In addition to the phenomenal essential oils and other products created by dōTERRA, is the beating heart of the culture. This is a company who walk the talk of integrity.  A company who without batting an eye lid added a childcare facility to their new campus, catering for 84 children including infants and toddlers, to support their employees.  Not because they were badgered, stalked, picketed and shamed into doing it, just because it was the right thing to do.  A company that actively seeks to support growers and farmers in true sustainable partnerships, that delivers humanitarian aid wherever they go and is constantly looking for ways in which they can do more good in the world.  And the best bit?  dōTERRA incentivise opportunities to be a part of this incredible work!  Rather than offering holidays to flash island resorts, when you achieve your goals in your business, you get to participate in giving back to the very communities that produce our incredible oils.  Building wells for clean drinking water in Nepal, or a training centre to empower locals to break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala or a school for girls to be educated in Somaliland.  This is what makes dōTERRA an exceptional company.

So. Many. Reasons.


Healing hands foundation

The Healing Hands Foundation is an official non-profit organisation created to serve people and communities in need.  The foundation partners with other organisations and dōTERRA Wellness Advocates to deliver humanitarian aid around the world.  Some of the areas in which the Foundation focuses are micro-credit loans, empowering girls with feminine hygiene kits and intercepting child sex slavery.  These are big issues with long standing, complex drivers and yet dōTERRA is not deterred, they just pick up and say "well what CAN we do?", and then they get doing.

As a Wellness Advocate you also have the opportunity to partner with the Healing Hands Foundation by requesting assistance for projects or programs you are involved with.  Learn more about the Foundation here.

And while you're feeling all inspired, add a bottle of Hope to your next order - it's the easiest way for you to contribute to saving children from sex trafficking.


Co-impact sourcing

Creating the world's purest and most potent essential oils begins with sourcing the highest quality plants.  With over 100 essential oils, dōTERRA sources its oils from over 40 countries, many of which are developing.  dōTERRA seeks to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with growers and farmers, while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income.  By choosing this approach, dōTERRA delivers the highest quality essential oil while uplifting entire communities, providing hope for the future.

Learn more about Co-Impact Sourcing here, check out the Arborvitae video - my favourite.


Change Makers

One of the aspects I admire most deeply about dōTERRA is their commitment to improving the standard of healthcare.  dōTERRA are putting their money where their mouth is and building a network of healthcare clinics where doctors take an integrative, holistic approach to heal patients.  Imagine seeing your GP and being supported in your use of essential oils and other wellness products?  Imagine being unwell and your doctor recommending an essential oil blend to boost your immune system, some other essential oils to support your respiratory system and then making an appointment to see the acupuncturist or kinesiologist in the same clinic?  Imagine it!  This is where dōTERRA are going.  Disrupting traditional health systems and leading by example.  The first clinic is already under construction and you can read more about this inspiring action here.


the oils!

I encourage you to compare dōTERRA's essential oils to others.  Open a bottle of Lavender and put it next to another, and smell the difference.  Your body's reaction will confirm for you what your brain already knows, quality is unmistakeable.  The Wild Orange that transports you to your happy place of lightness, joy and abundance.  The Lavender that relaxes and soothes your worried mind.  The Peppermint that clears your airways and awakens your senses.  The Hawaiian Sandalwood that opens your heart, grounds your soul and connects you to source.  dōTERRA's essential oils are life-changing.  Big call?  Hell yes!  When you experience the difference you will not want to use other products, your body, mind and soul will gravitate towards these oils because they sense the goodness, the purity, the nature.  Here are some of the ways in which dōTERRA's essential oils have influenced the lives of others:

“I’m so incredibly thankful to Jo and her expertise, my 2 kids are sleeping sounder with their oil diffusers filled with magical combinations to suit the season, their moods or ailments, and as a result are eating better and are happy little vegemites- most of the time! I have a little combination in my water, my cooking, my car diffuser or to wear. Jo took the time to understand my needs, and then shared her knowledge to support the daily inclusion of oils to suit my family.”
— Ria Wong, Senior Manager, Public Service
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“The oils have benefited my life in so many ways and are such a part of every day life, that I really have to think hard how I use them! It has become a natural reaction to go to my magic box of oils.

Each part of the day i have an interaction with essential oils. Morning... I make my own soap, hand wash and after shower spray. My morning turmeric latte is boosted with ginger, black pepper and cinnamon. I now don’t have the horrors of coffee gut pain. At work I pop on my diffuser or reach out for my travel pouches. Not only does my work space smell great it helps to focus and kick stress out of my head. I travel a lot and always take my portable diffuser and oils. Thanks to On Guard 2017 was the first year in a long time that I didn’t have a cold, flu or tummy bug. I love that I feel like a bit of healer. No one says no to a natural remedy! People with headaches, funny tummy or just stressed, I just dab a little oil on them.

Also my little pet dog Molly is something of a special needs dog. Molly has IVDD which means her spinal cord can be compressed. Its not a fun time for her or us. Lavender has been amazing in calming her down....and also us. I’m incredibly grateful to have the support of these little bottles of magic, and Jo!”
— Cameron Bourke, State Sales Manager, Luxotica
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